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Sectoral Determination 6: Private Security Sector, South Africa

Please be advised that Sectoral Determination 6 was amended in Government Gazette No. 29188 on 1 September 2006, in respect of the minimum wages. This amendment is binding from 1 September 2006 and is applicable to the sector in which employers and employees are associated for the purpose of guarding or protecting fixed property, premises, goods, persons or employers, include monitoring and response to alarms at premises which are guarded by persons or by electronic means.

Attached hereto please find a copy of the monthly salary rates from 1 September 2006 to 31 August 2007.

As you are aware, the Authority is not responsible to determine minimum conditions of employment within the Private Security Industry as this is the responsibility of the Department of Labour. However, one of the objects of the Authority is to promote the protection and enforcement of the rights of security officers and other employees in the Private Security Industry. The promotion, protection and enforcement of the rights of security officers are further highlighted in Section 28(3)(b) of the Private Security Industry Regulation Act (Act 56 of 2001) as well as Regulation 11 of the statutory Code of Conduct for Security Service Providers.

All security businesses falling within the scope of the Sectoral Determination must therefore ensure that they comply with the new minimum wage requirements.

With reference to all of the aforegoing, please be advised that a copy of the amendment can be obtained form the Government Printers.

We trust that the above information has been of assistance to you.

Yours faithfully


Director 05/09/2006

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