The Provincial Industry Compliance Forums (PICFs) were established in 2012 as an initiative to strengthen stakeholder management in the industry. The main focus of the forums is to encourage, educate and enforce compliance in the industry and public at large. The forums were established in all provinces, except in the Northern Cape and the meetings are conducted every quarter. Members include employer and employee associations, relevant government departments, business chambers and NGOs/NPOs.

The PICF serves to:

• Uphold the objects of the Authority in promoting a legitimate private security industry;

• Provide an active channel of communication between the Authority’s stakeholders and partners on a provincial level;

• Assists in properly addressing and eliminating non-compliance in the private security industry through the activities of different stakeholders;

• Undertake or facilitate proper communication on regulatory matters between the Authority and Stakeholders on the provincial level;

• Improve relations with stakeholders and to initiate collaboration and co-operation with stakeholders in respect of the regulation of the private security industry;

• Provides or disseminate information promoting and encouraging compliance with the Act and regulations; and

• Interact with other government departments/law enforcement agencies in respect of the regulation of the private security.

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