Last updated: March 02, 2024

Terms and Conditions - The Use of Mobile App and e-psira (website)

  1. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to you if you use our PSiRA app or website.
  2. They must be read together with the Privacy Policy which is accessible under more on the menu.
  3. In this agreement the words below shall mean:
    1. A client is someone who has an active profile with us. This includes any members of your family, agents or employees who are covered under this account.
    2. A non-client is someone who does not have an active profile with us but who is 13 years or older and qualifies to use our services.
    3. The words "us", "we" or "our" refer to Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSiRA).
    4. The words "you" or "your" refer to a client or a non-client.
    5. This agreement is a binding agreement between you (client or non-client) and us. This agreement sets out the Terms and Conditions (T&C) governing your use of the services provided for through the PSiRA app, so it is vital that you read it carefully.
  4. If you are uncertain and do not agree with the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy Disclaimer or other annexures that should be read in conjunction with these Terms and Conditions, then you should not accept them.
  5. Please note that we will only be able to provide you with the services in the event that you have accepted the Terms and Conditions of this agreement by clicking on either "REGISTER", “SUBMIT”, “LOGIN”, or/and "CONFIRM" button when registering or searching with us and by making use of the services offered by the app.
  6. By clicking on “SEARCH”, you further hereby consent that we may verify the status of your registration with us and display the appropriate information on this platform and as per the “Private Security Industry Regulations (PSIR) Act 56 of 2001”.
  7. You also consent that we may send you promotional material or details about our products and services which we think may be of interest to you.
  8. The use of this app and associated services shall not be available to any persons under the age of 13.
  9. This agreement shall start when you:
    1. download the software that enables you to access the services on our PSiRA app and when you register and accept the Terms and Conditions applicable; or use the services available on our PSRA app.

PSiRA app download

  1. When you download the PSiRA app, you will be bound to these Terms and Conditions as soon as you make use of any of the services offered. Should you decide that you do not want to be bound by these Terms and Conditions before making use of the services, please uninstall the PSiRA app.
  2. We grant you the right to install and use the PSiRA app on multiple devices that you control for the sole purpose of accessing the available services.
  3. You are responsible for ensuring that your mobile device is capable of downloading the PSiRA app. No fee is payable for the downloading of the PSiRA app.
  4. You are however responsible for paying all charges and costs of the network service provider that you incur when using the service channels, i.e. data charges.
  5. It is also your responsibility to ensure that the app runs the updated version by regularly checking for software updates as these may contain certain important updates for the functioning of the app.
  6. The right to use the PSiRA app is revocable, should we deem it necessary and appropriate.

Use of services of the PSiRA app

  1. Once the PSiRA app is downloaded, you will have access to use the services as provided for through the PSiRA app.
  2. The following services are available in respect of the PSiRA app:
    1. Summary of your PSiRA services
      1. Login: Login to view and interact with your profile.
      2. Profile Claiming: Claiming your existing profile to access our services.
      3. Registering: Registering to be a Security Officer or Security Provider.
      4. Verifying of Security Officers and\or Businesses and or Training Providers – Verifying the status of the Security Service Providers as outlined in our PSiR Act 56 of 2001.
      5. Wage Simulators – Using the services to determine the monthly wages as per clause 5 (1) and (2) of the Sectoral Determination.
      6. All the services above are available to clients while others such as “Verification of Security Officers or Businesses or Training Providers”, “Wages”, “Messages”, “Our Services” and “services under more” are available to both clients and Non-clients.
  3. Where any of the application services request the verifying of personal contact details and the update is not successful, you will not be prevented from accessing and using the services provided.
  4. Have the PSiRA app loaded on your device and be registered to use the app;
  5. Activate your location services settings (GPS) on your device. If you fail to activate your location services setting (GPS) you may not be able to use this service.
  6. When requesting this service, we will be able to gather your location from the cell phone triangulation service or location services when activated, and you therefore consent to us using your location services or cell phone triangulation location in order to locate you, and you consent to us providing our contracted third parties with your location in order for them to assist you.

We respect your privacy and therefore any information obtained through the use of our services on the app is subject to the Terms and Conditions set out in our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy explains how, why and when we collect, use, share and store your personal information.

Intellectual property

  1. You are not permitted to use any of our logos, trademarks, slogans or any other device or form of intellectual property belonging to us in general and in particular relating to the services through this PSiRA app.
  2. You may not copy, reproduce, display, reverse engineer or use any intellectual property in any manner whatsoever without our prior written consent.
  3. Unauthorized or unlawful use of our intellectual property will result in us taking legal action you.

Amendment of agreement

  1. We have the right to amend or add new Terms and Conditions for the use of the service channels or value add services at any time. Whenever we materially change this agreement, we will electronically update this agreement, the Privacy Policy and the other annexures that are applicable. We will notify you of the updated version. If you do not agree with the amendments and fail to notify us of your intention to end the agreement within the 7(seven) day period, it shall be assumed that you accept the amended or new Terms and Conditions.
  2. You agree to review the Terms and Conditions of this agreement, Privacy Policy and all other annexures whenever you access the referral channels for any such amendments. Save as expressly provided to the contrary in this agreement, the amended version of the agreement shall supersede and replace all previous versions thereof.

Termination of agreement

  1. We can terminate this agreement at any time or end your right to use the services provided through the PSiRA app upon providing you with reasonable notice. This will not affect instructions given to us whilst using the services available through the PSIRA app before the agreement has ended.
  2. We reserve the right to terminate your right to use the services provided through the PSiRA app should any one or more of the following events occur:


  1. Every clause of this agreement is severable from the others including the clause headings. The clause headings have been inserted for convenience and will therefore not be taken into consideration in its interpretation. If one or more of the clauses are invalid it will not mean the entire agreement is invalid and as such the rest of the clauses contained in the agreement will still be valid and apply.

The End