In terms of the PSiR Act, the role of the Council includes among others, to take steps to achieve the objects of the entity contemplated in section 3 of the Act, to ensure performance of the duties of the Authority, and to oversee and exercise general control over the performance of the functions of the Authority and of the activities of the persons appointed by Council. The Council is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Authority guided by the legislative mandate under the PSiR Act, and government policy as enunciated in Chapter 12 of the National Development Plan, 2030.

The Council is accountable to the Minister for the performance of its functions and must from time to time supply the Minister with such information and particulars as the Minister may in writing require in connection with the functions of the entity or any other matter relating to the entity. Council also accounts to the Minister under Chapter 6 of the PFMA.

Dr AL Shibambo



The Council is empowered under section 13 of the Act to establish committees consisting of one or more councillors, or one or more councillors and one or more other persons, or one or more other persons to advise or assist the Council in the execution of its mandate in relation to any matters referred to the committee by the Council, and to report on those matter to the Council. During the period under review Council established the following committees which operated in terms of the approved Terms of Reference.

a)Human Resource and Remuneration Committee (REMCO)b)Audit and Risk Committee (ARC)c)Stakeholder and Core Business Committee (SCBC)d)Financial and Investment Committee (FINCO)e)Social and Ethic Committee (SEC)

The committees reported to Council meetings on their activities as per their Terms of Reference and recommended matters reserved for Council decision to the Council to take such decisions.