Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions : General

  Question:  Do you open on weekends?
Our office hours are between 07:30 - 16:00, Monday to Friday. We are closed on weekends and public   holidays

 Question: How can I contact you?
 Answer: 086 133 3850 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Question: Are you available on WhatsApp?
 WhatsApp number 0828034329, you can also join our WhatsApp channel.

 Question: How do I report fraud and corruption?
Answer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Ethics and fraud hotline) or 0860 333 036

  Question :   Where are your branches located?

 Question:  What is inhouse security?

 Inhouse refers to entities that protects or safeguards their own persons or property and include, amongst others, Government departments,   State owned entities and municipalities that employ Security Officers directly.

Frequently Asked Questions : e-PSiRA 

 Question : how do I claim a profile? 


  • Visit  
  • select security officer
  • enter ID number and click on validate then click on verify
  • enter a valid email address and click update email to proceed
  • enter PSiRA number and click on verify to proceed
  • enter new password and confirm it
  • click on change password to proceed
  • you will receive email with login credentials

  Question : I want to renew my certificate, how do I do it? 

  Answer: Please note that renewal is done online,  

  • simply login your profile
  • go to service request
  • click on certificate renewal
  • pay R60 renewal fee online
  • click on agree then enter your card details to process payment
  • proceed to download your certificate online free 

 Question : I want to book a branch visit what process must I follow? 


Login your ePSiRA online profile  

On your online profile dashboard

  • click on booking
  • then click on new booking
  • Select service type e.g. card collection
  • Select branch 
  • Select date
  • Select time slot
  • Click on save
  • You will be automatically redirected to the booking status

  Question : How do I download a certificate online? 


PSiRA certificates can be viewed and downloaded on individual or business’ profile on the e-PSiRA portal.
 Visit to access e-PSiRA, to have digital services at your fingertips.

To download the certificate, click on downloads on the dashboard of your online profile then select download certificate. The certificate will be saved under downloads on the device you are using. Should you struggle please try to use a different web browser

Employers will be able to verify your Digital Certificate and training status by scanning a QR code on the certificate with their cellular phone.

Frequently Asked Questions :  Finance

Question: How do I make payment online?

  • Payment must be done on ePSiRA business profile, if you have outstanding balance the system will request for you to make payment. Alternatively, payments can be checked under invoices.

Question: How can I access my letter of good standing?


  • apply online
  • attach documents
  • contact account administrator

Question:  How do I make payment for outstanding balance?
Answer: You need to contact account administrator and make payment online

Question: How can I make a change of Trade name, Director, or Business address?  


  • Make payment online and submit documents

Question: I want to query a fine/settlement, how can I do it? 
Answer: Contact administrator, if you don’t know your administrator you can call 0861333850 provide PSiRA in order   to check your allocated administrator

Question: I want to close my business what process must I follow?  

Please note that you need to do the following:

  • contact your account administrator,
  • pay outstanding balance
  • complete forms and send them to the account administrator

Question: I want to apply for upliftment what process should I follow? 

Please note that you need to do the following:

  • Contact administrator
  • Make payment online
  • Complete forms and submit to account administrator

 Question: I have made a payment under invoices and the system still request that I should pay, what must I do? 

 Answer: Please email digital This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., should you not get assisted after exploring all avenues you can   request a refund

 Question: Who must pay annual fees? 

 Answer: All registered active and inactive Security service Providers (business and individuals) are by law required to pay annual fees as determined by the Authority, guided by applicable legislation.

 Question: Why must I pay Annual Fees?

  Answer:  The Requirement to pay Annual fees is a Statutory requirement, Annual fees are due in the financial year, 1 April to 31 March.

Question: How do I pay the annual fee?
Answer: There are two payment options:

Pay through your online individual/business profile,  by using your bank card.

Pay at your nearest PSiRA office, Centurion, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Polokwane, Nelspruit, Bloemfontein, Durban, Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha), Mthatha, Bellville -

Question: How does the annual fee assist us?
Answer: The Annual fees will assist in intensifying compliance within the private security industry.

  • Ever increasing Law Enforcement and legal capacity
  • Improving the Authority’s national footprint by ensuring PSiRA services are digitised
  • Evolving training curriculum and services.
  • Enhanced operations and inspections
  • Training and studying opportunities for the industry

 Question: My employer deducts the annual fee from my salary, does that mean I still have to pay annual fee?

 Answer: If your employer has linked you to the business and they deduct for annual fees then you don’t have to pay, however if the employer has not linked you to the business your contribution won’t reflect and you need to request your employer to link you to the business.

 Question: How do I know that my employer is paying for my Annual Fees? 

 Answer: An annual fee deduction should appear on your payslip or you can contact our Call Centre (086 133 3850) to find out if the employer paid the annual fees on your behalf.

 Question: What will happen if I don’t pay the R110 Annual Fees? 


The Annual Fees are legislated through the PSIR Act and Levies Act therefore non-compliance may result in no or limited services, including:

  • Unable to renew my PSiRA certificate.
  • Unable to apply as a security business.
  • No printed certificate or ID card will be provided.
  • A fine
  • Full profile of the Security Officer won’t be available on the PSiRA online portal and APP.
  • Continued non-compliance with financial obligation may lead to the suspension or even withdrawal of registration of the security officer in terms of section 26 of the PSIR Act. 

For further inquiries, please contact 086 133 3850 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Frequently Asked Questions :  Training

Question: How do I check if a Training Centre is accredited? 


Click on the link to check for accredited Training Providers

 Question: What happens should I submit my course reports after 14 days?

 Answer: The course reports will be rejected as they would have been submitted out of the allocated time frame and the Training Provider (TP) will be required to re-train the learners and re-submit the course reports.

 Question: Must I use the same batch number when I make re-submission?
 Answer: Yes, the batch number is already paid for and the only thing required is to amend.

 Question: How do I re-submit my course reports after they have been rejected? 

 Answer: After logging onto TP online system, the TP need to click the course report icon, then select the batch number that was rejected and edit to amend where it would have stated on the remark.

 Question: How will I know why my course reports are rejected? 

 Answer: The status of the batch number will change from submitted for review to rejected and near each learner on that batch number there will be a remark stating why the course reports were rejected.

 Question: What should I do after I have submitted the batch and one of my learner’s ID number is incorrect? 

 Answer: You need to email or call one of the training consultants to notify them about the mistake that happened, have with you the batch number, learner APP-number and the corrected ID number.

 Question: What should I do after I have submitted the batch and one of my learner’s name/surname is incorrect? 
Answer: The matter should be forwarded to the registration department for further handing.

Question: What is the turnaround time of instructors application?
Answer: 7 days

Question: How will I know if my instructor application is successful? 

 Answer: You can check on your individual profile under instructor history or even on personal details, the training department also does forward awarded accreditation letters after the approval.

 Question: What is the turnaround time of TP application? 

 Answer: 12 days

 Question: When will the inspection take place? 

 Answer: The Law Enforcement division will call before coming to do inspection.

 Question: After the inspection is conducted when will I receive feedback regarding my application?         

 Answer: The submitted application will change the status from submitted for review to approved and also the training consultant handling that application will send an outcome email

 Question: What happens if I have funds in my account and I want to use them to apply for a certain service?        

 Answer: Communicate with the training consultant who will in turn draft a memo requesting the amount needed to pay for the service to be transferred into a coupon.

 Question: What happens if I am unable to see my instructors when submitting the course reports?

 Answer: Please communicate with the training consult who will guide you on how to fix the problem

 Question: What must I do if my instructor mistakenly deleted his/her name on the system and have left the TP? 

 Answer: Re-link the instructor again and notify the training department so they can action the request.

 Question: How do I link the trainee?


  • Log onto the TP profile
  • Click instructor training
  • Click add record
  • Then enter the details of the trainee, attach the in-service letter and   click save

 Question: How do I apply for upgrade?      


  • Log onto the TP Profile
  • Click view profile
  • Select upgrade
  • Click training facility icon and proceed with the application

 Question: Must I remove the old address when I apply for relocation?

 Answer:   Yes, after removing the old address enter the new address of where the TP will be located.

 Question: I am currently accredited for capacity of 30 and one classroom, I have another new classroom, can we train 15 on the old classroom and 15 on the new 2nd classroom that is not accredited to cover capacity that I am accredited for? 

 Answer: No, both classrooms must be accredited and each classroom must have its own capacity.

 Question: I want to apply for training accreditation, my instructor is only accredited up to grade C and I want training accreditation up to grade A can I use this instructor to submit my training application? 

 Answer: No, if you want training accreditation up to A, the instructor must be accredited for up to grade A.

 Question: I want to enquire about accreditation for Special Courses, when will it open? 

 Answer: We will notify Training Providers once there is an opening.

 Question: What is the Minimum compliance requirements for the accreditation inspection and evaluation of training centre/ instructors?

 •Accreditation Application form (PSiRA 47 A).
• Proof of registration with PSiRA) Attach copy of Registration Certificate).
• Proof of Payment of the prescribed accreditation fee (Attach receipt).
• Receipt of settlement for annual fees.
• Lease agreement (of the approved infrastructure assessment for the purpose of training) or proof of property ownership.
• Lease agreement should include a six (6) month validity period.
• Signed confirmation letter (on an official letter head) in case of re-location relating to the initial address
• Proof of fire department letter or an affidavit.
• Signed confirmation letter (on an official letter head) of Instructor, Instructor certificate and employment contract.
• Policy and Procedures prescribed for the management and administration of training, (enrolment policy, appeals policy, assessment and certification policy).
• Telephone/cell phone proof of contract• Valid email address

 Question: What are the requirements for application requirements for accreditation of instructor?


  • Relevant PSiRA application form
  • Application letter
  • Signed testimonial (3) confirming the practical period
  • Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae of the applicant
  • Copy of the applicant instructor certificate
  • Copy of the applicant Identity Document (ID)
  • Receipts of relevant applicable fee

Frequently Asked Questions : Registrations

  Question:  What is the requirement for individual registration?

•    Be 18 years of age and older;

•    Be a permanent resident of South Africa; 

•    Have not committed any of the scheduled criminal offenses listed in the Private Security Industry Regulation Act;

•    Have completed training at an accredited training centre;

•    Not be a member of any official military, Security Police or intelligence force in South Africa or elsewhere (Clearance certificate is required for former members)

 Question: It is my first time registering for PSiRA what steps should I follow?

Registration Process 

Please click on the below link and follow the steps to apply for Individual Registration or go to the Internet Café to apply:

Follow the below steps to apply for PSIRA Online Registration:

•    1st step, click Security Officer.

•    2nd step, select Register now.

•    3rd step, click (yes, I meet the requirements).

•    4th step, enter your details as appearing on the screen.

•    5th step, if you don’t have an email address. Please create one, by choosing the option under email address.

•    6th step, click the box written I am not a robot.

•    7th step, click submit and you will receive login details.

•    8th step, press submit and you will receive an OTP Number and login details.

•    9th step, press login, and enter your Username and Password.

•    10th step, you will answer 4 security questions.

•    11th step, after completing the security questions, click on pay now (R270.00).

•    12th step, then follow the steps until you are done.

Once your profile is registered on the Online Digital System. Go to your nearest Police Station to be complete the fingerprints. When you are done completing the fingerprints form, book a branch visit online for submission of fingerprints together with certified ID copy (new registration).

 Question: What are the requirements for security business registration ?


Security business registration can now be done on the e-PSiRA platform also accessible on  (

Requirements include, and where applicable need to be uploaded onto the e-PSiRA portal for review:

•    All Member(s)/Director(s)/Partner(s)/Trustee(s) and Managers must be registered as a security service provider with Grade B

•    Proof of Company registration with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) 

•    Tax Clearance Certificate, VAT Registration Number, PAYE Number obtained from the South African Revenue Service (SARS) – actual proof not just the PIN provided by SARS

•    Proof of address/ lease agreement 

•    Pro-forma resolutions

•    Business Plan for 1 year 

•    Uniform and insignia pictures

•    Suretyship (pro-forma downloadable once you start the registration process)

•    Declaration of a business’s capability to operate for the next year 

 Question: How do verify if an individual or business is registered?


 Individuals and businesses registration can be verified through the PSiRA website home page by clicking on individual verification or business verification 

•    Individual verification can be done through ID or PSiRA number search 

•    Business verification can be done through PSiRA number or company name search 

•    Users can also check certificate status and expiry date 

•    Users can also Verify if a business is registered or accredited 

 Question: My fingerprints came back as a retake what does it mean?
  Answer:   Retake means that your fingerprints were not of an acceptable standard, so you need to redo fingerprints and resubmit   

 Question: My PSiRA status says INACTIVE what does it mean?
 Answer: Inactive means that you are currently not employed or linked to any security business 

 Question: My PSiRA status says Active what does it mean?
 Answer: You are currently Employed/ linked to a security business.

 Question:MY CRC status refers as Legal/Refer to subcommittee, what must I do?
 Answer: A new set of fingerprints must be submitted for the application to be expedited.

 Question: My CRC status say New Application what does it mean? 
 Answer: Fingerprints have just been submitted recently and the application should be added to a batch.

 Question:My CRC status says Approved what must I do next?
Answer: your fingerprints have been approved, if your registration status is also approved you can download your certificate online and book a branch visit to collect your card. If your registration status is not approved contact us so that we can check progress on your application.

 Question: My applications status says Training Pending what does it mean?
Answer:Minimum Grade (E)or Recognition of prior learning not submitted.

 Question: Can I courier fingerprints?
 Answer: Only when it is a retake, if it is a first submission you are required to visit your nearest branch

 Question: What if my CRC status has been updated to Case awaiting trial?

 Answer: Applicant has only 90 days to upload the stamped case results either from SAPS, Dept of Justice or Docket

 Question: What happens if my application has been rejected by the committee?

 Answer: Applicant has 60 days to make an appeal and if 60 days has lapsed they may follow the re-application process.

 Question: What does possible illicit mean?
Answer: It Means there is a possible offence committed under your name

 Question: What can I do if registration status is rejected?

 Answer: Applicant must follow the re-application process.


•    Follow the steps/questionnaires asked

•    Login, click on re-apply tab

•    Make payment online

•    Then visit the nearest PSiRA branch with a set of fingerprints and certified ID copy.

 Question: What can I do if one forgot my login details?
 Answer:Applicant can visit our website then select online services, login to your profile, Enter the username and click on forgot password

 Question: How can I check my grades on my profile?
Answer: Please note to check your grades you need to login your profile 

•    On the dashboard, click on personal information (Your highest grade will appear) 

To check your training records, follow steps below:

•    Dashboard

•    Click View Profile

•    Training Records (all your Grades will appear)

 Business registration

 Question: Are all directors/members/partners/trustees required to be registered in their personal capacity before submission of a business application? 

 Answer: All directors/members/partners/trustees are required to be registered with a minimum of Grade B

 Question: Is the registration fee refundable?
Answer: The registration fee is non-refundable.

 Question: How long does it take for a business application to be approved after submission?
Answer: The registration unit has a turnaround time of 4 working days for reviewing and approving all applications meeting the requirements upon submission.

 Question: Can I use my house as an office?
 Answer: Yes, you can use your home as an office, provided that you have a dedicated room that you will use as an office

 Question:  I am using a prepaid number, what can I submit as proof of mobile communication?
Answer: The following documents can be submitted as proof of mobile – Rica screen, Letter from network provider, screenshot from the Network provider system

 Question: Do I need to buy uniform before submitting the business application?
Answer: No, we do accept a sketch , design or photo from a uniform catalogue.